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      Shaoxing Huawei Chemical Co.,Ltd.
      Main products
      · Triphenylphosphine
      · Tetrachlorophthalic Anhydride
      · p-Cresol
      · Sodium sulfite
      · Sulfuric acid
      contact us
      · Binhai:Shaoxing Huawei Chemical Co.,Ltd.
      · Tel: +86-575-85620368   13957559832
      · Paojiang:Shaoxing Huali Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.
      · Tel: +86-575-85726755   13867572782
      · Pingshui:Shaoxing Huawei Chemical Co., Ltd.
      · Tel: +86-575-85767147   13505751287
      · E-mail: [email protected]
      · Web: www.pldd.tw

      Shaoxing Huawei Chemical Co.,Ltd. is a Sino-Hong Kong joint venture which is located in Binhai Industrial Zone, Shaoxing County with convenient traffic. The company covers the area of 160,000 square meters, 600 staff, 32% of them is in college, the annual sales revenue is 370,000,000 yuan.Shaoxing Huawei Chemical Co.,Ltd.
      At present, the company has three production blocks:
      1, Binhai-Shaoxing Huawei Chemical Co., Ltd. The annual output of Tetrachlorophthalic anhydride is 5,000 tons, the production and quality are in the precedent line. The sulfuric acid of 200,000 tons / year and related products of its projects are in preparation.
      2, Paojiang-Shaoxing Huali Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. The production and quality of methyl phenol, nitrosyl sulfuric acid are first in domestic industry.
      3,Pingshui-Shaoxing Huawei Chemical Co., Ltd. The main products: industrial sulfuric acid, p-toluene sulfonic acid, battery sulfate acid and fine anhydrous sodium sulfite.

      With nearly 20 years production and practice, the company has established sound and modern enterprise management system and quality management system to promote "people-oriented, leading technology, quality first, service for community" and cooperates with Zhejiang University and other institutions. Shaoxing Huawei Phenolic chemical products R & D Center has been recognized as provincial-level high-tech R & D center, private technology enterprise in Shaoxing County and Zhejiang high-tech enterprise.
      With high-quality production, management, administration, R & D team, strict management system and quality management system, advanced production equipments and sophisticated detection equipments, the company is marching to a glorious tomorrow.
      With the support and love of you, we will provide quality products, good service, affordable price to welcome customers at home and abroad.

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